Empire: Impressions from China

James Whitlow Delano, Marc Riboud, Fan Ho



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Lilly Lulay New York (excerpt ). from PHILIPPE BRAEM

 Since 2015 Lilly Lulay has been portraying different metropolises in the form of moving collages/ videos. All city portraits are created in cooperation with inhabitants and visitors in order to capture the multifaceted nature and complex history of a city:

" For the video about New York I havecombined footage from 5 decades. The oldest images are analogue black and white photographs from the 1970s, the latest are mobile phone snapshots from 2019. Working with other people’s photographs is interesting to me because it proves how differently people perceive and appropriate a city. For tourists it is almost mandatory to take photographs of famous sights like the Manhattan skyline, Times Square and scenes from museums or Chinatown. Residents of the city in turn photograph everyday situations with friends, their neighborhoods and apartments. While residents and visitors come and go cities are constantly evolving. The structure of the video illustrates this constant process of deconstruction and new construction to which New York, just as other metropolises of the world, is subjected".


This video will be shown at Sous Les Etoiles Gallery Booth AM 110 for the occasion of Art MIami Fair 2021.

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